Hong Kong 

There are a lot of places in the world where I’d like to go, but there are significantly fewer where I’d like to live. 

A land of hauté skyscrapers, heavenly food, diverse traditions and breathtaking landscapes is like a chest of gold for explorers and travellers. The city nurtures a blend of its modern commercial persona and the diverse influence of its Chinese roots and colonial connections. 

You could be enjoying the rains, tapping your feet gently to the music of a couplet of poets, relishing the beauty of the local cuisine, witnessing the spectacle of the symphony of lights at the Victoria Harbour when the feeling of not having to live here forever would start gnawing at you. 

Here, I was welcomed by a rain shower followed by a perfect rainbow which I think was the best possible start to my trip. 

(Also, it’s quite intriguing that wherever I have been to till now in my life, it has rained at least once.) 

The city has something or the other in stock for people with different interests. Po Lin monastery, Wong Tai Sin Temple, Sam Tung Uk Museum are some of the places where people get a chance to delve into the history of the place and gain more about the culture and tradition.

The beautiful fusion of past, tomorrow and fantasy can be seen in Ocean Park and Disneyland which are among the top theme parks in the world.

Hong Kong is also home to various shopping hubs and malls comprising of elite brands as well as little china towns.The people of Hong Kong are very well updated with the newest fashion and the latest trends.

The Victoria Harbour and The Victoria Peak are places from where you can enjoy and admire this oriental pearl! 

Ahh, I can shift here right now.

Cheers x


121 thoughts on “Hong Kong 

  1. Lovely photo. Loved the way you described the city. It sounds like a place where anyone can find something they like about it. How about that, there was a rainbow when you arrived and it rains wherever you go. Bringing the rain with you…but with rain, there is always bound to be sunshine thereafter 😀

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      1. Nice pics, and an interesting article. Maybe some day I can visit there for a few weeks. (It takes at least a few weeks, if not a season or several, to scratch the surface of a place that large.)

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  2. I went there (Hong Kong) when I was young and could still handle big city visits–it was/is full of excitement and is culturally rich, but age has taught me that I am, as Beatrix Potter illustrated, a country mouse. (Well, more like suburb mouse.)

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  3. Wow dude.. Pure excellence.. The way you received the place with detail is amazing.. It is like visiting Honk Kong virtually.. I have never been to HK, but with your post, It will be on my list somewhere in the future.. May be.. Have a great time.. Cheers.. 😉

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  4. Yes, I too, not having had the privilege of visiting, have been enticed to want to see Hong Kong. Who knows. I’ve watched many a film which has brought me to this consideration. I’ll be fine, however. Lovely thoughts and beautiful photo.

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      1. Thank you young man for your appreciation of my writings. I suppose that you see something in them, for you reappear from time to time. May they be a blessing unto your soul.

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      1. Been back in the UK since I retired 3 years ago.
        HK was a lot like southern China now in some ways, a mix of new and old, everyone trying to learn English to climb the ladder. I first lived in the countryside in the New Territories where they were not at all used to seeing “foreign devils” it took a lot of smiling to get them to smile back lol and they would really stare! I loved it though and made so very good long term friends I still have now.

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  5. I visited my sister in HK last year. It’s an AMAZING city. 🙂 Living there for 10 days with her and our family was awesome. I couldn’t believe how many cultures were melded together into one city, small but vast in the wealth of immersion you could seep into.

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  6. It sounds as though Hong Kong has something to offer most tourists. I’m not a fan of skyscrapers, or city life in general, but I’d love to explore the old Chinese areas and other historical aspects of the city. You’ve presented a nice, thorough look at Hong Kong, and I’d like to see it, some day. 🙂

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  7. My husband lived in Stanley as a young kid – after visiting with him as an adult I would live there in a HEARTBEAT. Especially in Stanley overlooking the South China Sea. Hong Kong is an amazing city.

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