Paris is that lady, as beautiful as Aphrodite, as royal as Victoria, who always visits you in your dreams and you long to meet her all your life, but when you actually have her in front of you, you are in awe, and what you hear is just your racing heartbeat..

It is near to impossible to be able to visit every nook and corner of the city, for it has so much to offer. ‘Been living here since a year now, and I have only seen a quarter of the city’- a social activist.

Walking down the streets with a map and camera is the best way to experience the beauty of the city. Here, the sun sets late but the city is always awake. While strolling around the city one experiences a breeze of history, beauty and luxury at once!

The large number of museums, churches, palaces are unique in their own way each having an intriguing historical background. The Eiffel Tower is, without doubt, the best manmade structure ever made. The diversity in the attractions in the city is spellbinding; from Rolland Garros to Disneyland, from the Latin streets to Champs elysees everything is simply mesmerizing! 

The parisian cuisine is no less than art! The taste, the scent, the presentation, the ambience of the cafes and fine-dining restaurants is all so artsy. It is often called ‘hauté cuisine’ and the food is served with a top-notch wine! Bisques, foie gras etc are some famous dishes of the parisian cuisine. One just can not not be tempted from those gorgeous crème brûlées, macarons, soufflés etc from pastry and dessert shops while walking down the streets.

La Siene! Is the river that just completes the landscape and beautifies the city. With Bateaux Parisiens one can go around the city through the waters. The famous love lock bridges on the river give couples a romantic moment in such a spectular environment as they lock their love forever. 

Well, it is the City of love after all!

‘You can check out any time you like but you can never leave’ justifies that whenever you leave the city, your heart stays back and you have to come back to this magnificent city to find it.



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