New York City

My heart pounded at an unknown pace trying to say something my brain couldn’t process, a smile came upon my face instantaneously for i hadn’t just stepped in New York but i had also stepped into a dimensionless space; my own dream.

The skyline was a sheer spectacle. Everything about the city was geometrically accurate. Everything looked ‘picture perfect’.
There is so much that the city has to offer, museums, modern architectural marvels, world cuisines, shopping squares and a lot more. Few places that one must be able to check off after a New York trip are Times Square, Central Park, Wall Street, Empire State Building and Statue Of Liberty.
Walking is by far the best way to explore the city, enjoy the true essence of the place and meet new people. 
Spending some time in the serene Central park keeps you fresh and helps you gather positivity. Surrounded by lights in Times square, your mind, body and soul lighten up. At the top of the tallest building, you actually are at the empire state of your mind. The ferry ride to the Statue of the lady gives you yet another chance to appreciate the city and its surreal beauty. Museums of science, history etc impart immense knowledge about the various great leaps in the past.
You can smell waffles and syrups from far away in new york city. The quality and taste of food here is of the highest order.
As the trip comes to an end you get so emotionally attached to the city that it is extremely hard for you to leave and you end up promising yourself about visiting again.
‘Live in New York City just once. It’ll give you a lifetime of reasons to never leave.’


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