My life took a turn: Malaysia

This is my first ever travel blog, please bear with me.

2008. When I got to know about my dad’s transfer to Malaysia, despite of the fact that i was in 5th grade, I researched and collected everything about Kuala Lumpur seeming almost like a US army official preparing for a mission in, say, Afghanistan. 

The next 4 months were utter chaos. Rooms, cupboards and our brains went haywire. Finally the day came..

2009. We landed in KL and on our ride from the airport to our house I was unable to let the feeling, that we were going to live here, to set in. Firstly, the car being a mercedes was constantly referred to as ‘our car’; secondly, the house was way above my expectations  with a breath-taking view of the petronas towers ( as you can see in the picture above). It felt like I was going through a ‘life goals’ situation.

For an year or so that we lived there, i used to have a diary with me where ever I went and I used to note down all the malay words with their meanings in english. I concentrated on the way the malay spoke. Their currency. Their clothing. Religion. Absolutely everything which would bring me closer to understanding their life. 

My school was an american high school, a school as liberal as you could think of. Photography, music and gym classes were equally important as those of science and math.

We went on quite a lot of road trips to many new places like Genting highlands, malacca, putra jaya etc. All we had to carry was a GPS system and we were all set.

Basically i would like to conclude by saying that I was a little too small that time to actually think of the place as a traveller and explore more, but I am happy with what I did and this is just from my experience as a 10yrs old. 

All in all, malaysia is a paradise for shopoholics, car lovers, concrete jungle dwellers, party people and ofcourse travellers.

Here, expect the unexpected.



84 thoughts on “My life took a turn: Malaysia

  1. Thank you so much for flattering me with a follow – I will spend some happy time exploring your blog … my daughter lives in Kuala Lumpur and of course I live in France (both are rather broad expressions of the actual). Here’s to journeying well together πŸ™‚

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  2. I too can relate to this post. During Ramadan in Egypt (where we were posted) I took a solo trip to KL and Penang. You are a remarkably good writer for someone so young – it took years for me to hone my skills. You have inspired me to write an anecdote about Malaysia. πŸ™‚

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      1. If you have a Kindle you might be able to borrow my book (and there is a nice chapter about Penang in particular). But I will still think of another anecdote. “Letters from Cairo” by Kerry Duncan on Amazon, all over the world.

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  3. That’s like an amazing culmination of nostalgia and travel. Love the way you have expressed your experience. πŸ™‚

    I love travel!! Would like to explore more such countries visually and virtually through your posts !! πŸ™‚

    Like my new travel experience guide πŸ˜€

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  4. Hi! Just popped in to tell you that I loved all your posts. Well, being the couch potato I am travelling does sound like a chore to me. *Okay , I can hear someone judging me , because it’s ironical to say that on a travel blog * You’ve been to so many places and your posts are quite intriguing , I guess I’d love to read about different places and imagine myself in them rather than actually visiting them. Your blog is great, keep up the good work.Looking forward to see more of you on WordPress. Cheers ! :))

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  5. I find you to be so nice when you were 10….I would be throwing tantrums when we switch places especially shifting family.
    I normally dislike the new place initially and later on love it.
    but now I am a freaky traveler…my allowances are limited so I go trekking end up bitten by leaches several times lost my way…..well rest wasnt funny..
    and then count it as an experience

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